EAFPS Annual Meeting 2022 in LodzEAFPS Annual Meeting 2022 in Lodz

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The European Academy of Facial Plactic Surgery Annual Meeting 2022 in Lodz

The President Information

Michal Krawczynski | The Meeting President

The EAFPS Board together with Annual Meeting Organizing Committee have been closely following the current health crisis. Increasingly severe measures have been put in place to limit the spread of the virus as health systems deal with the pandemic.

In addition, travel restrictions and a ban on indoor meetings are currently in place in Poland and it is difficult to ascertain how the situation will evolve in the coming weeks.

As a result of these factors and our responsibility to protect the health of our faculty, delegates and staff, the EAFPS Board and the Organizing Committee agreed to cancel this year Meeting.

There will be a Virtual Meeting on September 19-20, 2020 - for more details please refer to the EAFPS webpage.

The EAFPS Annual Meeting will return to Lodz, Poland in September 2022.

Michal Krawczynski MD, PhD
President of the 2022 EAFPS Annual Meeting


Why you should attend EAFPS meeting in Lodz?

Hotel Andel's Lodz | Swimming Pool

Perfect Place

For Prefect Meeting
Why Lodz? Registration

Meet your colleagues & establish new business contacts

Why Lodz? Program

Attend great workshops, plenary sessions, panel discussions, instruction courses & expand your medical knowledge

Why Lodz? Program

Find out more about new medical solutions & technological trends


EAFPS 2022

Welcome to Lodz

Why Lodz? Registration

Share experience & learn new techniques

Why Lodz? Registration

Ask questions you have always wanted to ask

Why Lodz? Hotel

Check polish hospitality, try polish food & drinks

Hotel Andel's Lodz | Room

Perfect Meeting

In Perfect Place

Important Dates

31 March 2022Free paper abstract submission deadline
10 June 2022Deadline for early bird registration
15 September 2022Junior Day (14:00-17:00)
15 September 2022Opening Ceremony (17:30) & Welcome Cocktail
16 September 2022Start of The EAFPS 2022 Meeting
16-18 September 2022The EAFPS 2022 Meeting in Lodz, Poland
16 September 2022Faculty Dinner
17 September 2022Gala Dinner
Important dates

Invited Speakers

  • Daniel à Wengen (Switzerland)
  • Adrian Mark Agius (Malta)
  • Lydia Badia (UK)
  • Armando Boccieri (Italy)
  • Pablo Casas Rodera (Spain)
  • Jannis Constantinidis (Greece)
  • Frank R. Datema (Netherlands)
  • Alexander Donath (USA)
  • Nicolas Dulguerov (Switzerland)
  • Charles A. East (UK)
  • Boris Filipović (Croatia)
  • Hossam Foda (Egypt)
  • Pier Giorgio Giacomini (Italy)
  • Abdulkadir Göksel (Turkey)
  • Artur Grinfeld (Brazil)
  • Peter Wim Hellings (Belgium)
  • Werner Johannes Heppt (Germany)
  • Adem Emre Ilhan (Turkey)
  • Anil Joshi (UK)
  • Gurkan Kayabasoglu (Turkey)
  • Milos Kovacevic (Germany)
  • Garyfalia Lekakis (Belgium)
  • Peter JFM Lohuis (Netherlands)
  • Ralph Magritz (Germany)
  • Lauri Maisvee (Estonia)
  • Dirk-Jan Menger (Netherlands)
  • Seyed Alireza Mesbahi (Iran)
  • Stelio Antonio Mocella (Italy)
  • Eduardo Morera Serna (Spain)
  • Diogo Oliveira Carmo (Portugal)
  • Lucas Patrocinio (Brazil)
  • Tomas Patrocinio (Brazil)
  • Vasilis Pavlidelis (Greece)
  • Nedim Pipic (Germany)
  • Joachim Quetz (Germany)
  • Ullas Raghavan (UK)
  • Enrico Robotti (Italy)
  • Philippe Rombaux (Belgium)
  • Pernilla Sahlstrand Johnson (Sweden)
  • Süreyya Seneldir (Turkey)
  • Daniel Simmen (Switzerland)
  • António Carlos Faria Sousa Vieira (Portugal)
  • Tevfik Sözen (Turkey)
  • Gustavo A. Suárez Páez (Spain)
  • Alain Tenenbaum (Switzerland)
  • Manuel D. Tomás Barberán (Spain)
  • Julia Vent (Germany)
  • Dilyana Vicheva (Bulgaria)
  • Casper C. Wever (Netherlands)
  • Jochen Wurm (Germany)
  • Rui Xavier (Portugal)
  • Taskin Yücel (Turkey)
EAFPS Annual Meeting 2022 in Lodz

Vienna House Andel's Hotel

Hotel Andel's Lodz | Room
Hotel Andel's Lodz | Room
Hotel Andel's Lodz | Room

In the Heart of Europe

Be Part of Our Social Program

Gala Dinner

Date: Saturday, 17 September 2022

Dinner: 20:30 – 23:30

Price: € 150 per person

Bar with Polish food & drinks

Place: Vienna House Andel's Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions


Online payment with credit/debit cards will be available from the begining of February 2022.


The majority of foreign nationals wishing to stay in Poland for up to three months require a short stay visa or Schengen visa. Foreign nationals from the EU, EEA or Switzerland as well as some other countries are exempt from the visa requirement.
Please find detailed information here.


We will provide letters of invitation upon request to registrants only in the following circumstances:
  • Registration is paid in full. Non EAFPS member registrants must pay by bank transfer.
  • Registrants must use an email address affiliated with an institute of higher education or a recognized organization related to international higher education.

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Poznański factory

In 1871 Izrael Poznański bought the first plots of land in the western part of the New City, along Ogrodowa Street, and started to build his own “cotton empire”.

Only a year later the first weaving mill was put into operation, with two hundred English mechanical looms driven by a steam engine. The factory grew every year, gaining new weaving mills, bleachery, finishing plant, spinning mill or its own gasworks and fire station, and the wealthy factory owner started to build a grand palace, now counting among the most recognisable historic monuments of Łódź. At the end of his life Poznański, with his fortune estimated at 11,000,000 roubles, was one the wealthiest industrialists in the Kingdom.

After his departure, the reins of the family company - the huge factory with a back then impressively modern housing estate for workers, where they lived in multi-storey buildings - fell to his eldest son, Ignacy Poznański. Ignacy completed the palace and continued to expand the factory and the workers’ settlement surrounding it. In 1913 as many as 7,000 people worked for I. K. Poznański Cotton Products Company, but during the First World War and in the interwar period the Joint Stock Society of Cotton Products I. K. Poznański had to cope with financial setbacks. The family, indebted to banks, lost its position in the Company.

The new stage in the factory history came after the World War II. Nationalized Cotton Products Company No. 2, dedicated to Julian Marchlewski and then given a trade name “Poltex”, were in full swing during a few decades, co-creating the legend of textile Łódź and giving thousands city residents jobs. 1990s and the system transformation period brought many bankruptcies. Also the plant on Ogrodowa Street did not avoid the crisis. The complex, put into liquidation, was deteriorating, until a few years later, at the turn of a new century, an innovative, grand vision emerged to revive the factory complex as a whole, as it was then divided into smaller companies.



The former factory complex of Izrael Poznański now is a multifunctional shopping and entertainment centre called Manufaktura. It turned out to be a magnet for visitors and serves as a new city centre.

The Manufaktura Complex

At the end of the 1990s, the brick former textile factory was purchased by a private investor. In 2003 the company Apsys Polska commenced construction works at the site of the former I. Poznański factory, related to the biggest revitalization undertaking in Poland. During the three years of construction works, over 2.5 thousand workers were engaged in restoration of historic buildings and their brick façades and in raising a modern, ecological shopping mall. 45,000 m2 brick façades and 12,500 m2 metal windows were renovated, 95,000 m2 new constructions erected.

The restoration of complex values, carefully supervised by a conservation officer, involved the newest solutions in construction and design as well as architecture, and the most innovative technologies related to control over particular systems. In total 90,000 m2 historic interiors were renovated, 600 trees planted. The project costed ca. € 200 million.

By 2006 an expansive shopping centre had opened in the space – but the 260 stores are not the only things Manufaktura has to offer. There are also cinemas, museums (including a famous MS2 Art Museum), a luxury hotel and a huge public square, which features a fountain and many outdoor events.


Vienna House Andel's Lodz

The Vienna House Andel's Lodz is impressive in all regards: historic red brick facade, remarkable location, housed in a former spinning mill on the grounds of Manufaktura, the city’s premiere shopping, arts and cultural centre. The unique architecture is a skilful combination of colours and forms, design and material, warmth and hospitality.

Located in the old factory buildings of the former Poznanski textile factory, the Manufaktura complex is today Poland's largest shopping, arts and leisure centre. A striking example of how tradition and modernity can co-exist. The Manufaktura is a key part of everyday life in this part of the city.

Piotrkowska Street – Europe's longest promenade and the place to see and be seen – is just a few minutes' walk from the hotel. If you're arriving by car, simply follow your satnav. You can't miss the building's red brick facade.

Lonely Planet announced Lodz the most recommended travel destinations in the world for 2019. In the category „Best Value” Lodz was placed on 2nd position. Lonely Planet lists a few attractions in Lodz, which can not be missed! Tyrolka, a rope ride over the Market Square in Manufaktura, a visit at the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station (which is a unique piece of art) or a rickshaw ride along Piotrkowska Street.


EAFPS Annual Meeting Lodz 2022

Categories & Rates

The EAFPS Annual Meeting in Lodz will be the most prestigious conference of facial plastic surgeons in 2022. Let's meet in Lodz!

Registration Categories & Rates

EAFPS Member
EAFPS Non-Member
Residents, Students, Trainees, Nurses *
Invited Speakers
The EAFPS Guest Continent **

Early Registration

(until and on 10th June 2022):

800 EURO

900 EURO

600 EURO

800 EURO

800 EURO

Regular Registration

(between 11th June - 16th August 2022):

900 EURO

1000 EURO

650 EURO

800 EURO

900 EURO

Late Registration

(on and after 17th August 2022):

1000 EURO

1100 EURO

650 EURO

800 EURO

1000 EURO

* Residents, Trainees, Nurses and Student's ID card must be presented to the registration desk during the Meeting.

** To qualify for the EAFPS 2022 Guest Continent rate, you must be a citizen of and resident of South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela).



Be part of our social program

We are pleased to invite you to the great ballroom of the Vienna House Andel's Hotel. Its impressive industrial chic is the leitmotif of the decoration of the gala dinner hall. Excellent Polish food, great fun and unforgettable moments await you.

  • Date: Friday, 19 September 2022
  • Time: 20:30 – 23:30
  • Dress code: Business Casual
  • Bar with Polish food & drinks

Price of the gala dinner is € 150 (one person). More details will be provided soon.