EAFPS Annual Meeting 2022 in LodzEAFPS Annual Meeting 2022 in Lodz


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EAFPS 2022 | Lodz, Poland

The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS) is Europe's largest society of facial plastic surgeons. The Academy (formerly known as The Joseph Society and as the European Academy of Facial Surgery) was founded in 1977. The organisation is a body of facial plastic surgery enthusiasts that facilitates credentialing via fellowships and access to the European Board exams.


EAFPS Executive Board

Dr. Hesham Saleh
Dr. Hesham Saleh

EAFPS President

Dr. Alwyn Ray D'Souza
Dr. Alwyn Ray D'Souza

EAFPS President Elect

José Carlos Neves
José Carlos Neves

EAFPS General Secretary

Frank Riedel
Frank Riedel

EAFPS Treasurer

Prof. Dr. Fazil Apaydin
Prof. Dr. Fazil Apaydin

EAFPS Past President


Mission Statement

To facilitate and contribute to the creation of a body of duly qualified surgeons in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face and neck.

The EAFPS Mission


The EAFPS objectives are to stimulate study, research and scientific advancement in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery between all the specialties that have common interests.


These specialties typically being:

  • oto-rhino-laryngology,
  • maxillo-facial surgery,
  • ophthalmology,
  • general plastic surgery.

Programmes and Certification

The Academy is active in promoting appropriate training schemes for trainees in the subspecialty of facial plastic surgery to fulfil the EAFPS mission. There is a Postgraduate Fellowship Programme and opportunity to become members of the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies (IFFPSS).

The EAFPS have a common certification process. This process is based on and equal to the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) examination and rules for certification.

Worldwide Range

The Academy is mainly for surgeons in Europe although it does have some interested members from outside Europe. The official language of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery is English. The Academy has been involved in the European Community in identifying facial plastic surgery as an entity.


EAFPS Members Benefits

  • Access to fellowships:
    The EAFPS has established fellowship training centers in many cities in Europe. Members can apply for a fellowship in facial plastic surgery here.
  • Certification opportunities (EBCFPRS and Board Exam):
    The EAFPS offers access to the European Board exam in facial plastic surgery via The European Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (EBCFPRS).
  • Subscriptions to the official journals of the EAFPS:
    "Facial Plastic Surgery" and "JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery" (formerly "Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery") are offered at special rates (click here for details).
  • Affiliated Courses:
    Access to a number of excellent surgical courses held under the auspices of the EAFPS.
  • EAFPS Newsletter:
    Distributed to all EAFPS members with information about the Academy, exchange of ideas and opinions and continuing education.
  • Annual EAFPS meetings - at reduced registration rates - check here.
  • Access to an interspecialty network of specialists that allows for quick and easy communication.

The reduced rate of the journals subscription have already a higher value than the whole membership fee.

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